Schedule And Pricing for Your Headshot Appointment

Let’s have some fun!

Expression coaching for
Natural, confident, approachable looks in your professional headshot

refined Headshot


In Studio

Up to 2 hours

Unlimited looks | outfits

Multiple backgrounds

Instant Image review and selection

Hair / Makeup $250

$125 per image selected

premium branding


In Studio

Portrait + Headshot

Up to 3 hours

Unlimited looks | outfits

Multiple backgrounds

Instant Image review and selection

Hair / Makeup $250

$125 per image selected

The refined headshot session includes multiple looks, wardrobe changes, and backdrops. The session focuses on the Head and shoulders.

The Premium Branding Session includes Headshots plus 1/2, 3/4, or full body shots.

Each Delivered image includes Professional Editing

Headshots include
Vertical, Horizontal, Square Crops

Group rates and on-location pricing available

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Frequently Asked Questions about Headshot Appointments

Intro Call> After you schedule your appointment, I will call you to discuss your goals and go over the Getting Ready Guide.
Shoot Day> We start with looking at your outfits and deciding the order for the appointment . We will go over your goals one more time to make sure we accomplish them during the appointment.
Have Fun> We then have fun creating your images. Believe it or not laughing helps to create the best most genuine images of you.
Select your Favorites> At the end of the appointment we will select your favorites for retouching and licensing. Payment for the images is due.

Yes, we take as little or as much time as you would like for your appointment. You may bring as many outfits and photograph as many looks as you want. Plan on a minimum of 45 minutes, and most appointments last about 2 hours. The scheduler is set up for 2 hours time slots, but I do have buffer time to accommodate as long an appointment as you would like.

Typical backgrounds are white and gray. Black and other colors are also available. Please let me know if you have any preferences.

Take a look at the schedule to pick a time. I do quite a bit of on location work, and have reserved Tuesdays and Wednesdays for studio work; however, if you would like to schedule a different time, please call me, and we can get you on my schedule at a different time.

Yes, basic retouching is included in each image you select. This includes hair fly-aways, teeth whitening, blemishes, lint, lessening wrinkles, and overall color correction. However, I am not a plastic surgeon, nor do I play one on TV. The objective is to create an authentic image of you looking your best.

We will select your images at the end of your appointment and you will have your images ready for download 3 days following your appointment.

I am centrally located just north of Bellaire, 10 minutes from Downtown Houston, 10 minutes from the Medical Center, and 5 minutes from the Galleria.

ADDRESS: 5750A Royalton Street, Houston, TX 77081
PHONE: 832-474-6167

You will receive a “Getting Ready Guide” once you book your appointment. I will call you to discuss the appointment , your goals, and go over the guide with you.

Yes, if you would like to include hair and makeup, let me know and we will include it in your appointment fee, and add the time to your appointment.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart! Your professional headshot is about your face and creating a connection between you and the person looking at your headshot. Clothing with a lot of ruffles or patterns is distracting. Hats or large jewelry also grab attention away from your eyes and expression. Simple is always better.
You are welcome to bring a favorite hat or jewelry for another look, but the first look should be simple to maximize the focus on your face. There are a few more tips included in the Getting Ready guide that you will receive when you schedule your appointment.

Bring a number of outfits so we have options for your appointment. Bring your favorite outfits even if it does not strictly meet the KISS principal.

handle blemishes in retouching. Please do not try to use concealer on your blemishes as that can create a larger issue in retouching.

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